15th International Festival of Amateur Film “To Love a Man” Oświęcim 2012

Oświęcim Cultural Center invites you to participate in the 15th International Festival of Amateur Film “To Love a Man” which will take place from 26 to 28 January 2012 in Oświęcim Cultural Centre. The films, to participate in the competition, will be accepted until 15 December 2011.

“To love a Man” is …  a showing fleeting moments, fleeting time, running thoughts to they live their own lives. That these things will be eternal. That, despite everything that connects people and what people share, they can sketch a picture of the human condition. That they would show that what’s important  not only  “here and now” but “always and everywhere”. That they show what will never pass away, so that we were, we are and we will be.


Amateur Film Festival, “Love a Man” is a cultural project, with international scope, organized by the Oświęcim Cultural Center. The UNICA – International Union of Cinema  affiliated with UNESCO, took the patronage over this festival.

It is the meeting of amateur film-makers from Poland and from around the world, which are close to human affairs. Affairs of  a man loving, joyful, creative, successful but also a man struggling, suffering, loser …

Festival films save many human stories. They present the great tragedies, dramas and small moments of happiness and joy. The films relate to man and his place in the world. They witness the events of social, family, personal and intimate matters. They describe a human struggle, man’s fight for life, a life worthy, in the context of changes occurring in the nearer and farther surroundings of the individual. The films reveal the truth of time, they show a role to play for each of us, whose eternal desire is to search the  world of beauty and happiness.

Amateur Film Festival, “Love a Man” is an opportunity to look at the place where the man stopped.

Terms and rules of the competition at www.ock.org.pl