The mural trail

Enjoy a walk around Oswiecim along an unusual route – the mural trail.
The City of Oswiecim has a unique collection of monumental mural paintings on the buildings located in different parts of the city. Through their theme they mostly call to promote peace, break cultural barriers and stereotypes as well as convey the spirit of tolerance. It has become a tradition in Oswiecim that a well-known artist unveils a mural designed by them, which makes a reference to the peaceful message of Life Festival Oswiecim organized by the Peace Festival Foundation. All murals bear the signatures of the authors.
Most of the murals presented were created with the support of the City of Oświęcim.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Oświęcim


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OświęcimDOUBLE-BASS PLAYERS (1)
author: Edward Dwurnik
location: ul. Zamkowa
created in the framework of: Life Festival Oświęcim 2011
Edward Dwurnik is one of the most recognizable figures of contemporary Polish art – unruly and provocative, volatile, unpredictable and full of devilish sense of humor. His works create a stir and evoke extreme emotions, even among the youngest generation of artists.
Oświęcim is a specific place, associated with the museum (Auschwitz-Birkenau – editor’s note) and the Holocaust. It immediately occurred to me that I should paint the pre-war musicians who would play the double-basses. It turned out that the festival organizers want to break the spell of this place – they want Oświecim to become a normal city, and not the one with the camp trauma. I ended up painting young people who play the beautiful orange double-basses. All these characters and these beautiful instruments will be depicted on the background of my beloved Prussian blue.
Edward Dwurnik on DOUBLE-BASS PLAYERS (


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Oświęcim

author: Andrzej Pągowski
location: ul. Śniadeckiego 22 (post-German bunker)
created in the framework of: Life Festival Oświęcim 2012
The well-known Polish graphic artist Andrzej Pągowski has designed over a thousand posters. He is also an author of numerous book and magazine illustrations, CD booklets, TV and theatre stage designs as well as TV and music videos screenplays.
When I received a phone call with an information that I will have an opportunity to make a mural here in Oswiecim, I thought that this is something extraordinary. I’m celebrating 35th anniversary of my artistic work – so it’s an important year for me, and many years ago my father’s entire family was killed in Auschwitz. I thought that I, going back to Oswiecim and making that mural on peace and music, not only give evidence of a non-political declaration but also show that there are people of culture and art in the world who show through their work their wish to live in peace and not in war. We leave such symbols for you to think about. Such declarations and traces are of great significance. Music is important to me, especially rock music, that’s why Oswiecim will get this mural. (…) I was looking for a symbol that would come into being in the street. The location is brilliant, clean, it gives an artist a chance to create a powerful symbol. It’s not a poster – I have tried to find a rather strong sign for this wall.
Andrzej Pągowski on GUITARIST
(based on a video interview published on:


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OświęcimBLESSED PEACE OF NOTHINGNESS (3)
author: Rafał Olbiński
location: ul. Śniadeckiego 22 (post-German bunker)
created in the framework of: Life Festival Oświęcim 2013
Rafal Olbiński is a very versatile and intriguing artist. Painter, illustrator, graphic artist, designer, set designer, poster artist. His works are characterized by an individual, unique style, a bit on the borderline of symbolism and surrealism. The artist is highly prized in Poland and abroad. He has been honoured with over 150 awards for his work. According to the experts: “Olbiński is a painter-poet who depicts our world with the use of a wider reflection”. (Source:
Several meanings can be found in this project. It is to encourage reflection which people do not have time for any more. Connected with headphones to the control panel which makes the choice for us, we watch what we are shown on TV and read what is written in the newspapers. I don’t like excessive pathos and visual propaganda which blooms around us – advertising of products, forceful instilling of ideas. This pathos evokes emotions which often we do not want to exhibit. Therefore, the design of the mural is based on the basic aesthetics with a non-aggressive message. It is a return to the simplest things in life, namely the beauty we are too busy to notice. Beauty we have lost in our pursuit of millions of other things. Beauty which has ceased to be trendy, and which actually is one of the basic human needs. Beauty which was not invented by advertising agencies. It’s a return to the beauty around us.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OświęcimUNINTENTIONAL HIGH TIDE (4)
author: Rafał Olbiński
location: ul. Śniadeckiego 22 (post-German bunker)
created in the framework of: Life Festival Oświęcim 2014
For me, creating the continuation of my previous work is really fascinating I’m very excited to have an opportunity to create second mural that corresponds and co-operates with the first one. They complement each other and together they will make a unity. This will be a kind of visual conversation of both projects. Their combined message will be more powerful and will have a stronger effect on people. I hope that these works will let us find the beauty we miss in everyday rush.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OświęcimTALKING HEADS (5-11)
In seven locations of the city, the walls have been painted with the images of widely recognized figures: intellectuals, philosophers, thinkers, scientists, along with a short maxim which is characteristic for their activity or work. Seven figures have been selected for the project: Leszek Kołakowski (5- Olszewskiego St.), Jacek Kuroń (6- Berka Joselewicza St.), Maria Skłodowska-Curie (7- Kościelna St.), Martin Luter King (8- Stolarska St.) , John Paul II (9- Klasztorna St.), Mahatma Gandhi (10- Bulwary St.) oraz Vaclav Havel (11- Dąbrowskiego St.). Their images aim to promote, especially among the younger generation, such values as tolerance, human rights, peace, democracy, and civil society. The theme of murals also makes a reference to the ever-present problems of contemporary world. It is aimed to provoke thought and sensitize so that now and in the future the risks associated with the experience of Auschwitz could be accurately identified and people could learn how to respond properly to them.
The murals were created as part of the project organized by the Auschwitz Jewish Center during Oswiecim Life Festival 2012 by young residents of Oswiecim: Tomasz Kiek (realization) oraz Mateusz Makarewicz (designs).


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OświęcimOŚWIĘCIM – IMPRESSION (12)
location: 18 Kolbego St. (side elevation of the commercial building)
realization: 2012
A mural designed by prof. Elżbieta Kuraj – Karbowniczek was made by young artists from Oswiecim: Kinga Jung, Marcelina Gajda, Krzysztof Katerla, Magdalena Kobielska, Martyna Paluchiewicz, Kinga Pawlik, Anna Żubrowska and the author of the design herself. The mural is an impression on the pre-war and contemporary panorama of Oświęcim. The painting was created in 2012 as part of the periodic event “Artyści Miastu” (“The Artists for the City”)


location: 10 Jagiełły St.
realization: 2014
The mural was made as part of the program “The heritage of Małopolska – an educational voucher” during the implementation of the project: “Together” Polish-Ukrainian artistic and cultural meetings at 7th “Jackowe Granie” Małopolska Festival. It was designed by Dawid Szydło, a graduate of the Salesian school in Oswiecim and made by young people from Poland and Ukraine.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Oświęcim


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania OświęcimCATHEDRAL
location: corner of Dąbrowskiego and Plebańska Streets
author: Tomasz Bagiński
created in the framework of: LIFE FESTIVAL OŚWIĘCIM 2016
The mural takes an area of almost 200 sq m. It is a still from the famous animated movie Cathedral by Tomasz Bagiński, in 2003 nominated for an Oscar in the short animated movie category. Tomasz Bagiński is a Polish illustrator, animator and director. He is a self-taught artist known mainly as the creator of animation. The artist’s works are often inspired by the paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński, the science-fiction prose of Jacek Dukaj and popular culture.




Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Oświęcim

LIFE (15)
location: 8 Bema St. (side elevation)
author: Heiko Klohn
created in the framework of: LIFE FESTIVAL OŚWIĘCIM 2017
Heiko Klohn is a German artist from Dachau. He creats drawings, paintings, design graphics and posters. Klohn is a member of the Union of Visual Artists (BBK) in Munich and the Association of Artists in Dachau (KVD).