Oświęcim – the City of Peace

For many years, the town of Oświęcim has been working for peace, striving to make it perceived in the minds of people as a place of interpersonal understanding, tolerance between nations, social dialogue, respect for other cultures, races, beliefs and nationalities. The image that the town aims at, and which is consistently implemented through the activities described below, can be described as "Oświęcim – the City of Peace".


Tourist maps

Plan your stay in the city of Oświęcim Enjoy a pleasant stroll in the narrow streets of the Old Town. Visit the picturesque hill with a medieval castle at the top – at present it is the Castle Museum, whose interactive exhibition will enable you to literally touch the 800-year history of the city. Admire


The mural trail

Enjoy a walk around Oswiecim along an unusual route - the mural trail. The City of Oswiecim has a unique collection of monumental mural paintings on the buildings located in different parts of the city. Through their theme they mostly call to promote peace, break cultural barriers and stereotypes as well as convey the spirit of tolerance. It has become a tradition in Oswiecim that a well-known artist unveils a mural designed by them, which makes a reference to the peaceful message of Life Festival Oswiecim organized by the Peace Festival Foundation. All murals bear the signatures of the authors. Most of the murals presented were created with the support of the City of Oświęcim.


The Castle Museum in Oświęcim

The Castle Museum began its operations on 1 January 2010 and since then is a place of important events in the history of the town, serves representativly, culturaly and educationaly. The museums mission is to promote the history of the city of Oświęcim.


Oświęcim – a treasure hunt with the Prasoł

Who is a “prasoł”? What are hidden in the mysterious gates under the Oświęcim castle? What are “bałwany oświęcimskie?” You will learn the answers to these questions by visiting the town of Oświęcim. If you have a weekend off, you do not want to be bored at home, you are looking for active and safe


Meeting Space

Oświęcim is a city with the population of ca. 40 thousand people and more than 800-year-long history. Because of its difficult experiences during the Second World War, it is a place where a normal life is led simultaneously with the discussion concerning the most difficult problems of the modern world. The Auschwitz Museum is a

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