Che Sudaka and Jeremy will play at Life Festival Oświęcim!

Che Sudaka will play at LFO2016 on Saturday, 18th June. It’s a four piece Latino band, that nearly fifteen years ago have began to play together on the streets of Barcelona. Right now the quartet is considered as one of the most valuable Spanish musical products, and has been one of the most active bands in the world. They played more than 1500 concerts in 40 countries, including major festivals – with the famous Hungarian Sziget among others.

Che Sudaka is known for its peaceful intentions and politically engaged texts aimed at the abolition of social barriers. The musicians, extremely open to other cultures, admit that their work is very difficult to pigeonhole – they define it as punk reggae party. On the other hand, critics claim Che Sudaka as the leading representatives of mestizo, unique combination of ska, cumbia and world music. We can expect that during Life Festival Oświęcim Che Sudaka will provide an amazing, energetic music fiesta full of contradictions!

The LFO’s Sunday’s final concert complements with an exceptional team straight from the Bulgaria. Jeremy? is one of the greatest sensations of last year’s The Great Escape Festival, where they played two concerts that met a great reception of fans. Gentlemen combine the Balkan energy with classic rock influences in a sensational way. Their music is compared with the sound of Kings of Leon or Editors. Take a look at their live set just before the whole Europe will hear about them!


Info: http://lifefestival.pl/en