16th International Amateur Film Festival “To Love a Man”

16th International Amateur Film Festival “To Love a Man” will be held in the Community Centre of Oświęcim from 23 to 25 January 2014.

To love a man is to… show fugitive moments, passing time and racing thoughts to live their own lives. To last. And in spite of all similarities and differences among people, to be able to depict the image of a man’s condition. So that not only “here and now” but also “always and everywhere” they showed what is important and will never fade away, that little something marking our presence in the past, the present and the future.

The Amateur Film Festival “To Love a Man” is an international cultural event organized by the Community Centre of Oświęcim. It is held under the patronage of UNICA- World Union of Independent Cinema affiliated to UNESCO and the President of Oświęcim.

The festival is a meeting of filmmakers who are concerned with human affairs. Affairs of a loving, joyful, creative, winning, but also struggling, suffering and losing man … Festival films- shorts, features, documentaries, news films all depict human stories. They present great tragedies and minor dramas and times of happiness and joy. They move, evoke tears or laughter. They often bring concern or arouse emotions. All of them are concerned with the topic of a man and his place in the world. They witness social, family, personal or even intimate events. They illustrate a man’s struggle and his fight for life in the context of changes happening in his environment. They try to discover the mysterious beauty of a man. The beauty which is hidden in goodness, kindness, sincerity, naturality, acceptance, dealing with other people and the nature.

Amateur Film Festival “To Love a Man” is an opportunity to look at the place where the man stopped .

The jury of 16th International Film Festival of Amateur “To Love a Man” will consist of: Maria Malatyńska (film expert and critic), Lidia Duda (director, documentalist ) , Artur Więcek (director, writer) , Krystian Matysek (camera operator , documentary director) , Stanislaw Puls (board member of “UNICA”).

The festival will be enriched by documentary films by Krystian Matysek – “Secrets of Love” and “Bear- King of the Mountains” and feature films – “I Want to Live” directed by Maciej Pieprzyca and “All of Matthew’s Women” by Artur Więcek .

59 out of 115 submitted films have been qualified for the festival competition.