Dove of peace on the occasion of International Day of Peace

About 450 pupils from  Oświęcim Primary School No 9 named after Peace Messengers created by themselves a shape of a dove of peace in the school playground. The symbolic dove is the dominant element of the logo of Oświęcim – the City of Peace. In this way, the pupils referred to the International Day of Peace celebrated on 21 September. Young Oświęcim citizens were  preparing  this event from a few days, practicing the setting in the shape of logo and doing hats referring to the color of the city logo.

The idea of action was given by the promotion department from the Town Hall in Oświęcim. The  choice of this school was not accidental. The Primary School No 9 , beyond its meaningful name, in its activities focuses on education in the spirit of tolerance and respect for human rights.

Mr Janusz Chwierut  – the Acting Mayor of the Town of Oświęcim and his Deputy – Mrs Maria Pędrak were taking part in this event. After taking a picture, pupils received a sweet treat from city authorities.

The photo of a dove of peace created with the pupils is sending to all organizations, institutions which cooperate with the Oświęcim – the City of Peace and also to the twin towns of Oświęcim.