Offer No. 1
Property of an area of approx. 0,8 ha in Oświęcim, Strzelecka Street

The offered property of an area of 0,8202 ha is located in Oświęcim in the district of Błonie (area of Strzelecka and Jesionowa streets). Single family dwellings can be found in the direct neighbourhood. The property is located near the centre of the Old Town and recreational areas along the river Soła. The property is situated in a calm area, yet has good connections with the main communication routes of the city (Konarskiego Street (national road No. 44 Oświęcim-Tychy) and Konopnickiej Street (road Oświęcim-Kraków). According to the Local Area Development Plan an extension of Strzelecka Street to Jesionowa Street is planned next to offered property. The neighbouring properties are destined for single family dwellings. The property may be developed with facilities not higher than 12 m (the maximum plot ratio of 0,6 and regulations concerning the minimal area of newly created plots must be respected).


Zdjęcie lotnicze oferowanego terenu inwestycyjnego

Main information

Plot No.: 904/196, 904/198, 904/164
Total area: 0,8202 ha
Owner: the Municipality of Oświęcim
Area Development Plan: single family dwellings
Development: vacant plot
Investment limitations: according to the area development plan
Technical infrastructure:
– electricity – yes (Strzelecka Street)
– gas – yes (Nideckiego Street)
– water – yes (Strzelecka Street)
– storm drain – yes (Strzelecka Street)
– sanitary sewage system – yes (Nideckiego Street)
Development options: single family dwellings