Offer No. 4
Property of an area of 0,1868 ha in Oświęcim, Stolarska Street

The property is situated in the heart of the Old Town. It is a perfect location for commercial and catering facilities. However, its attractive location makes it a perfect place for other investments such as hotel services, offices and other commercial services.
It is a vacant plot, a compact and roughly rectangular piece of land situated in the city centre. Due to the location of the property in the Old Town, any investments require cooperation and consents of the Regional Conservator of Monuments. The technical infrastructure can be found on the plot. The property is marked with the MW-U symbol in the area development plan which means a permission for a multi-family residential building or a service investment.


Zdjęcie lotnicze oferowanego terenu inwestycyjnego


Main information
Plot No. 2364, 2501/2, 338, 340
Area: 0,1868 ha
Owner: the Municipality of Oświęcim
Area development plan: commercial services, commercial and residential investments
Development: vacant plot
Investment limitations: according to the area development plan
Technical infrastructure:
• Electricity – yes
• Gas – yes
• Water supply system – yes
• Sanitary sewage system – yes
• Telecommunications – yes
Development options:
Hotel, shopping gallery, drug store, other services, multi-family residential building etc.