Let’s Give Peace to the World

The artistic contest “Let’s Give Peace to the World” addressed to children and youth is an invitation to depict the surrounding reality in an artistic way, expressing the right to live in a world free of wars. Artworks should contain creative activity expressing the reaction, warning or protest against evil around the world, against violence. This creative activity should be the affirmation of life, love and joy, the ideas of respect towards other people indiscriminately of their skin colour, rase or religion.

– Community Culture Centre of Oświęcim

Contest aims:
– promoting the idea of peace and respect towards human rights,
– presenting endeavours and achievements of artistically talented children and youth
concerning the topic defined by the contest slogan,
– developing imagination and creativity of children and youth,
– searching for creative solutions,
– developing the skills of noticing and experiencing various phenomena which occur in
the surrounding world and violate the right to lead a peaceful and respectable life.